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What is Somatherapy?

Somatherapy is a form of manual therapy which is part of osteopathy. It focuses on biomechanics and body movements, aiming to restore and maintain an optimal internal environment. Using this therapy, the body heals itself more efficiently. Patients will then retrieve their health while being more comfortable in their daily activities.  


What is involved in a Somatherapy treatment?

Somatherapeuths use their hands to detect areas of dysfunction in the human body and treat it accordingly. Treatment is based on a variety of techniques, some of which include soft tissue massage, stretching, muscle energy, and gentle low-amplitude mobilizations. The latter encompasses extremely gentle movements, like commonly known cranial treatment.   


What can I expect when I see a Somatherapeuth?

The first time you see a Somatherapist, your appointment will be longer than usual, since a thorough case history will need to be done, based on your medical history. This may provide us with vital information on eventual more serious illness, or indicate a contraindication to the treatment. In such cases, you will be referred to your general patrician for further investigations.   

Our Approach

ELDOA method with Somatherapy

  • Using techniques unique to this clinic, you will see results right after your first visit.
  • We are using ELDOA method and Myofascial stretching. This corrective analytic method was created by Guy Voyer, a well-known osteopath. This global approach works on the entire neurological, lymphatical, circulatory, fascial, musculatory and postural systems, used for rehabilitation, injury preventions, posture improving and general well-being.
  • Combining ELDOA method with Somatherapy helps relieving on a long term basis your discomforts.
  • We offer outstanding expertise in helping people with inflammation, hernia, arthrosis, arthritis, rhumatisism, fibromyalgia, chronic tiredness and headaches.
  • We also offer patients exercises and counselling to help speed up their recovery.
  • We believe in involving patients in their recovery and offer support in helping you identify and modify behaviour that is likely to cause further problems.

Additional Services

Massage Therapies

  • Sport massage and thinning massage
  • Auricology which involves treatment for otitis, tinnitus and labyrinthitus
  • Accupuncture with galvanic electricity machine


  • We are also a well-known school of Swiss Massage Therapy
  • Our one-year course leads to a diploma recognized in Quebec.  

Clinic's Somatherapeuth

Marisela Mosco Carpio

  • Psychopedagogist (Venezuela)
  • B.Ed. Pse U.Q.U.O. (Quebec) 
  • Diploma of Professional Swiss School of Massotherapy and Alternative Therapies
  • Diploma in Galvano Therapy and Auricular Therapy
  • Diploma in Somatherapy
  • Pursuing training in Osteopathy at the Montreal's Academy of Sutherland

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